Got a listing full of stuff that you need sold fast?


Do your home seller clients have goods and furnishing they need to liquidate efficiently and for top dollar?

We will clean out your client’s home in an efficient and organized manner in order to optimize profits and leave clients with a hassle free liquidation experience. We believe agents and sellers deserve excellent customer service and attention to detail when liquidating personal property.

 Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus. When you give your ONE Thing your most emphatic “Yes!” and vigorously say “No!” to the rest, extraordinary results become possible. Until my ONE thing is done, everything else is a distraction.

Gary Keller
Founder, Keller Williams Realty
We Sell, Clear, Clean, Consign & Donate
Get A Pro Team of Canadian Experts
Competent, Caring & Communicative
We Allow You to Focus On Clients
We Sell Everything Even Vehicles
We Work Fast So You Close On Time
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  • Fast and efficient content sales with a multiple liquidations strategies to clear houses full or partially full of contents to ensure your listing is broom clean for closing.
  • You get a full-service, full-time team to project manage, appraise, merchandise and conduct sales and liquidations of all shapes and sizes.
  • Save time and focus on serving clients rather than worrying about negotiating personal item sales, moving furniture and cleaning cabinets and floors.
  • Use a professional, competent, communicative team of content sale specialists who provide superior service and execution to deliver the highest return on contents.


  • Content Sales. Bulk Sales. Removals. Consignment.

  • Recommend Selling & Removal Strategies

  • Advertising and Marketing Online & Off

  • Inventory Assessment & Accurate Pricing

  • Setup & Display Merchandising

  • Photography and Publications

  • Payment Collection and Settlement

  • Cleanout and Clean Up

We will arrange and conduct your sale from start to finish. Moreover, we know that your situation may not require a full-service contents sale, and we offer tailored solutions for less than “full house” situations.

  • “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

    Oprah Winfrey
    Media Mogul
  • ” Multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time. “

    Steve Uzzell
    Author. Speaker. Photographer.
  • “Success demands singleness of purpose.”

    Vince Lombardi
    Greenbay Packers - 5 Superbowl Victories
  • “Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus.” 

    Gary Keller
    CEO, Keller Williams Realty

After we receive your call or email, we set up an initial free consultation in your house. This is done in order to view your contents, and make suggestions regarding price points and other matters to allow for the sale to happen. We review any time constraints or financial goals you may have, and come to an agreement on the services to be provided and the compensation arrangements. All of this is then documented in a detailed contract.


Start a conversation.

We will sort, research, and price all goods so that you obtain fair market value when they are sold. Our appraisal services include but are not limited to photographing, documenting and researching items you wish to have sold. We conduct research, converse with industry experts, examine historical values considering the items condition, and assign a realistic market value to your possessions. We assure that you will get the most money possible for your possessions and even allow you to submit a minimum price for any item you wish. If this price is not obtained then the item is kept for you.

We know that not everyone’s house is designed for a sale, and clothing racks and display cases are not always available. If required, we can bring in racks, shelves, display cases, tables, lighting, packaging materials, dollies, etc to make the sale all the more attractive and accessible to all potential buyers. There is absolutely no charge to you for any of this preparation. We will also take digital photos of all items and post them to all of our advertising channels online.

The sale is advertised and marketed extensively in order to attract the largest number of qualified buyers for your household items. We place ads in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. We post signs throughout your neighbourhood. We contact antique buyers, coin buyers, book buyers, clothing buyers, furniture buyers, and so on. However, by far, the vast majority of the buyers at our sales will come from our extensive email list. This email list is comprised of people that want to be notified in advance for sales like yours and they show up ready to buy.  We don’t stop advertising until the sale is complete.

Our team arrives at the home early and  finalize any last minute preparations. By the time the sale starts there is usually a long line of customers that are anxiously waiting for the sale to begin. The team leader assigns each staff member to a different area of the house to collect money, assist customers, and prevent theft. We then open the doors to start the sale and our greeter at the front door only allows in the appropriate number of customers at a time to allow excitement and competitive bidding, but not enough to create havoc. From the large items to the small, we will sell it all.

We promise to be there for you every step of the way! Sell My AZ Stuff offers a complete solution with an extensive range of services that doesn’t stop after the sale’s completion. Depending on the contract arrangements, we will clean up and remove all items left from the sale. Left over items can be kept for the owner, or at your request we can drop off all unsold items to a local charity of your choice such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Items that charities will not accept will be taken to a legal city dump for proper disposal. We make sure the house is completely clean and presentable for new owners or tenants before our job is done. That process can be as simple or as detailed as you wish, and is guaranteed to be completed by the date you specify.

We provide owners a settlement statement within 48 hours of the end of the sale, which shows their percentage of the money obtained from the sale of the goods. Owers get receive their funds via electronic transfer or check within 7 business days after all credit card transactions have settled! Sound good? Give us a call: 480.250.6099


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Sell Your AZ Stuff is a full-service content liquidation and estate sale company that offers a unique and efficient process to promote, sell and clean out belongings and furnishings for owners of Arizona real estate.

We have been providing a variety services to 1000’s of owners in Arizona since 2003, and really understand the needs and concerns of our local, national and international clients because we have spent thousands of hours assisting them and solving problems for them.

Our team also uniquely understands the needs, challenges and frustrations that heirs, families, trustees and real estate agents experience in dealing with real estate closings. Understanding the closing process and the pitfalls along the way are an integral part of who we are, what we do, and how we serve busy agents.